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The Hamel Method

The Six Wellness Essentials to Healthy Longevity

The Hamel Method includes the Six Wellness Essentials to healthy longevity. I have shared this method with hundreds of my clients and have helped many people regain their joy-filled, pain-free lives. The Six Wellness Essentials to healthy longevity are here for you and those you know to both reclaim and maintain robust health and longevity. I encourage you to take a step today towards creating optimal health tomorrow.

Advanced Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils Use

Learn advanced, therapeutic grade essential oil use.  Your health will thrive as you learn  how to boost immunity, cellular and DNA repair, lengthen telomeres, and create healthy systemic body functions.

Healthy Ketogenic Diet

In my research and experience, the most effective way to regain and maintain healthy cellular balance is learning to create delicious vegan, ketogenic meals.  This lifestyle creates less cellular debris, oxidative stress, free radical damage and inflammation. It sets the foundation for healthy longevity.


Learn to utilize foods, nutrients and certain alkalizing products within your daily health routine. This lifestyle approach provides an important component to avoid body tissue acidification and decay.


The detox methods I share are vital for heightened immunity and systemic release of cellular waste.  By using these detoxification protocols your energy levels remain high, you prevent cleansing reactions, and auto-intoxication.


An exercise routine chosen for each person to move and cleanse the lymphatic (immune) system. These exercise routines are designed with the individual’s health constraints in mind.


Some type of meditation, prayer, self introspection and/or relaxation technique to slow down and observe the corrupt files or misinformation in our brain. We are consistently replacing this old data with healthy, self-aware lifestyle choices and consciously deciding not to remain unaware and robotic.

Surpass The Records Of Longevity

Imagine having the optimal health of a twenty-year-old, into your 80s, 90s and beyond. Your skin is beautiful, your immune system, organs, and your joints are functioning properly, and your mind is sharper than ever. Imagine this ultimate life extension experience.In some areas of the world known as the Blue Zones, people enjoy a lifespan reaching 115 to 120 years. 

Through years of research and clinical study, I have found the cause of aging and disease imbalance and have established health protocols that create the proverbial fountain of youth. Using the Hamel Method of health coaching you can now build healthy longevity where ever you live! I believe when you consistently adhere to the daily lifestyle known as The Five Portals, you can extend your lifespan beyond the Blue Zone range. When you use this wellness system, you become your health manager and determine your health destiny.If you understand your body, how it works, how and where disease imbalance truly begins, you have a roadmap to a life free of early cellular degeneration and aging. Empower yourself with the knowledge I share. Give yourself and your family the gift of long, vibrant and energetic life.

Live To Be A Healthy Vibrant 150

Accomplish vibrant life extension by implementing the Six Wellness Essentials. This practice provides the wellness blueprint I created for obtaining and sustaining robust longevity. Contact me now 407-628-2176 to learn more about my proprietary life extension health system. I welcome you to call today for your free 20-minute wellness consultation. Find out how my health system can assist you with your particular health concerns. See a brief description of the Six Wellness Essentials to healthy longevity in the section below. 

Through years of travel, studies, and research I have integrated the Hamel Method wellness system. For your free consult, contact me at the office today 407-628-2176.

Contact Michelle for a Free Consultation

I have researched and currently use specific combinations of steam distilled, solvent-free essential oils which effectively assist the immune system in creating a healthy balance. It is very important when using therapeutic grade essential oils to use the purest, unadulterated solvent free oils.

The pure steam distilled, therapeutic grade essential oils I use do not contain solvents or pesticides which are known to cause liver and kidney damage. They work deeply on the cellular level and are approved for internal use by the FDA. Adulterated, or synthetic, oils are known to create toxic health effects. In Europe, there is a set of standards for grading therapeutic essential oils known as AFNOR (Association French Normalization Organization Regulation) and ISO (International Standards Organization). These guidelines differentiate between a true therapeutic-grade essential oil and a lower grade oil. Your wellness coaching will include the use of therapeutic grade essential oils that meet these high standards.

Through years of study, research and travel, I coach people around the world wishing to learn more about creating healthy longevity. The reality is the correct use of therapeutic grade essential oils is an integral component I use in my Wellness Coaching to bring people into a healthy balance. However, there are other wellness protocols necessary to create a holistic health program. This program is known as the “Hamel Method”, which includes the Six Wellness Essentials; a powerful, synergistic wellness approach!

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