Manuka Oil Offers Strong Anti-Viral Support

Therapeutic Grade Manuka Oil

Powerful Anti-Viral Support For Herpes, The Flu And Acne

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Therapeutic grade Manuka oil is proven to offer powerful anti-viral action. Many people use 3 drops of therapeutic Manuka oil sublingually several times each day along with a few drops of organic coconut oil for flavor if needed. Holding this essential oil mix for several minutes under the tongue boosts immune action. I would also apply a few drops of Manuka oil and carrier oil mix to herpes lesions topically several times daily for quick resolution.  Treating the area before the viral lesions appears may prevent the outbreak entirely!

Therapeutic grade Manuka oil is also great to support those suffering with flu symptoms. And for those dealing with skin infections such as acne, therapeutic grade Manuka oil offers powerful assistance. See the study below…

Manuka Oil Offers Strong Anti-Viral Support

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Learn about The Hamel Method

Including The Use Of The Purest, Most Potent Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

I have researched and currently use specific combinations of steam distilled, solvent-free essential oils which effectively assist the immune system in creating a healthy balance. It is very important when using therapeutic grade essential oils to use the purest, unadulterated solvent free oils.

The pure steam distilled, therapeutic grade essential oils I use do not contain solvents or pesticides which are known to cause liver and kidney damage. They work deeply on the cellular level and are approved for internal use by the FDA. Adulterated, or synthetic, oils are known to create toxic health effects. In Europe, there is a set of standards for grading therapeutic essential oils known as AFNOR (Association French Normalization Organization Regulation) and ISO (International Standards Organization). These guidelines differentiate between a true therapeutic-grade essential oil and a lower grade oil. Your wellness coaching will include the use of therapeutic grade essential oils that meet these high standards.

Through years of study, research and travel, I coach people around the world wishing to learn more about creating healthy longevity. The reality is the correct use of therapeutic grade essential oils is an integral component I use in my Wellness Coaching to bring people into a healthy balance. However, there are other wellness protocols necessary to create a holistic health program. This program is known as the “Hamel Method”, which includes the Six Wellness Essentials; a powerful, synergistic wellness approach!

Obligatory Disclaimer: The information contained within this article is for educational purposes only. It is not intended to treat, diagnose or prescribe. Always consult with your doctor before beginning a new healthy lifestyle protocol.

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