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Tissue Fibrosis Microbial Cause

Turning To Stone Tissue Fibrosis From The Organs To The Skin Disease Causing Resistant Microbial Plaques And Tissue Fibrosis Necessary  “Hamel Method” Immune System Support “It is estimated that 45% of deaths in the western world can now be attributed to diseases where fibrosis plays a major aetiological role” Recently a desperate wellness client came […]

Manuka Oil Offers Strong Anti-Viral Support

Therapeutic Grade Manuka Oil Powerful Anti-Viral Support For Herpes, The Flu And Acne Learn more below… Therapeutic grade Manuka oil is proven to offer powerful anti-viral action. Many people use 3 drops of therapeutic Manuka oil sublingually several times each day along with a few drops of organic coconut oil for flavor if needed. Holding […]

Liver And Kidney Function Boosted With These Therapeutic Essential Oils

Kidney Health Protected And Improved With Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils Here is a sampling of therapeutic grade essential oil studies demonstrating that Essential Oils are very supportive of kidney, liver,  health. There are many more …  A significant 2015 study found that the kidneys of rats receiving the damaging cancer drug methotrexate were protected by […]

Clove Oil And Gingivitis, Dental Pockets, And More

Gum Disease And Resistant Oral Pathogens Tremendous Boost For Oral Health Observed With Clove Oil If you’re suffering with resistant gum disease, known as microbial gingivitis, therapeutic grade Clove oil is known to resolve even the most painful gum disease and toughest dental pockets… “In our study, eugenol oil (from therapeutic Clove oil) showed antimicrobial […]

Orange Essential Oil And Healthy Gut Microbes

Therapeutic Grade Orange Oil Could Change Your Life Not only does therapeutic grade Orange oil offer powerful anti-cancer support:, it’s great to know that the main compounds in therapeutic grade Orange essential oil, Limonene, Linalool, and citral are known to increase beneficial intestinal microflora! “Orange essential oil and limonene, Linalool and citral (compounds within Orange […]

Wound Healing With Sandalwood And Myrrh Essential Oils

Powerful Essential Oil Combination For Wound Healing Therapeutic Grade Sandalwood And Myrrh “This study aimed to determine the antimicrobial activity of 247 essential oil combinations against the reference strains of wound pathogens. Sandalwood and Myrrh essential oils contributed the most to antimicrobial activity in combination. Essential oil combinations are presented as a viable option in […]

Juniper Oil Maintains Skin Elastase

Therapeutic Grade Juniper Oil Maintains The Structure Of Our Skin! Millions of dollars are spent each year in the pursuit of maintaining a more youthful look. One affordable  answer is to include therapeutic grade Juniper oil to your facial and body skin antiaging routines. Here’s why… Therapeutic Juniper Berry EO along with a few drops […]

Sage Oil Use For Memory, Blood Sugar And More…

Therapeutic Sage Oil ~ An Anti-Aging Essential Oil Mimics Blood Glucose Lowering Effects Of Metformin In Non-Toxic Fashion “Sage may be useful as a food supplement in the prevention of type 2 diabetes mellitus by lowering the plasma glucose of individuals at risk.”  Therapeutic grade Sage oil is proven to mimic Metformin’s blood glucose lowering effects without toxicity:  View […]

Ginger Essential Oil And Fatty Liver

Dark Spot On Your Face And Hands Getting You Down? Fatty Liver? Painful Joints?? Let’s Look At Therapeutic Ginger Oil! Brown discoloration on the skin can be embarrassing and frustrating and to make matters worse traditional skin lightening compounds may pose health risks. If skin discoloration is a problem for you or some ones you […]

Lemon Oil And Neurodegenerative Disease

Therapeutic Grade Lemon Oil Prevention Of Neurodegenerative Disease, Increases MemoryBoosts WBCs And Dissolves Plaques…    You’ll be amazed to learn therapeutic grade Lemon essential oil is known to increase white blood activity: as it dissolves biofilm known as plaque formation: This remarkable essential oil increases memory and productivity within students and adults, as it prevents neurodegenerative […]

Wintergreen Oil Natural Aspirin Qualities

Natural Topical Aspirin Alternative Therapeutic Wintergreen Oil Offers Powerful Pain Relief Penetrating Aspirin Alternative For Topical Use Proven aspirin like effects of topical therapeutic grade Wintergreen oil!Applying 10 mL of a 2.5% dilution of therapeutic Wintergreen EO to the skin provides the equivalent of one 325mg aspirin tablet !  “In fact, however, if 10 ml of a 2.5% formula of Wintergreen oil […]

Loss With Grapefruit Oil And The Hamel Method

Therapeutic Grade Grapefruit Oil Assists Weight Loss By Burning Fat, Thermogenesis… “Olfactory stimulation with the scent of Grapefruit essential oil (GFO) increases the activity of sympathetic nerves that innervate white and brown adipose tissues, the adrenal glands, and the kidneys, and decreases the activity of the gastric vagal nerve in rats and mice. This results […]

Alternative Therapies To Detox Your Liver Including Essential Oils

Liver Health Significantly Improves With Therapeutic Grade Peppermint And Lemon Oil Each morning as we use 2-3 drops of pure, therapeutic grade Peppermint oil along with 5-7 drops of therapeutic Lemon oil within a pint of filtered, alkalized water we are greatly enhancing our livers health and function. According to scientific research, therapeutic grade Lemon […]

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