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Learn about the Six Wellness Essentials with Health Consultions by Michelle Hamel
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Learn advanced cutting-edge longevity information and wellness protocols using the Hamel Method. You will not find this information anywhere else.

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In your initial half hour wellness consultation with me you will have a broad overview of the Six Wellness Essentials and learn how to implement them in your daily life.

What others are saying

Featured Testimonials

A few words From happy pain-free clients including health practitioners

Hi Michelle, what a wonderful relief the sinus triple combo blend with coconut oil is! It feels like a smooth nasal miracle. The first night I used it I woke up and could breathe clearly. I did not feel the usual stuffiness like a cat trying to cough out a fur ball. Your therapeutic essential oil knowledge and dietary guidance have changed my life. No need for my sinus meds! Thx a bundle of roses!!

– Audrey Forka, Nurse Practitioner, Family Psychiatric Mental Health

I wish to thank you, Michelle, for helping me resolve a life-threatening staph infection…Two years ago I was sent home with a resistant 8-inch wound on my thigh. The doctors had done all they could. This is when I found out about your wellness program through a friend at church. Today, thanks to your wellness coaching; I am ballroom dancing again. Yes, dancing with a little limp, but I am thankful to have my leg, my life, and my health!

– Paul Jones

This wonderful woman of vast knowledge changed my life from a sure short life to a life of great vibrancy. Michelle coached me and shared her health system when I suffered from Lyme disease. My suffering is now a distant memory. If your life is not where you want it to be Michelle Hamel is the wellness coach to see. Blessings to you Michelle!

– Jeanne Krause

A Message from Michelle Hamel

Dear Friends,

Thank you for believing in my work and studying all of the health information I share with you. It’s important to realize that everyone needs to learn how to manage their health. I wish for everyone to know that through years of travel and research I have integrated my Six Wellness Essentials Health System. To create and build longevity it requires all six wellness essentials. It is not merely therapeutic essential oil use or alkalizing, or healthy diet, nor exercise or detox. I have witnessed countless miracles, people reversing overwhelming health challenges when they combined and used the “Six Wellness Essentials.”

-Michelle Hamel

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